Temperature chamber / Climate chamber

Temperature chamber / Climate chamber

Reftrade often receives enquiries from various branches for testing their products in a temperature controlled room (also called temperature- or climate chamber). Our specially adapted reefers can be a suitable answer for such a project. The machineries in our reefers have a standard temperature range from –25 degrees Celsius up till +25 degrees Celsius. Upon request Reftrade can install special machinery. The range can be then be extended to –40 degrees Celsius up to +70 degrees Celsius. The humidity rate can be set at 60-90%. Various options can be added such as a temperature alarm (through text messages and email etc.), LED-lighting, explosion proof options (lighting, etc).

Flexibility of renting a Climate chamber

Our organization is professional and so it can respond adequate and very quickly to your refrigerated reefer problem. Renting gives accurate insight into the running costs. The cost of depreciation, interest, maintenance, a 24-hour service, administration and possible financial losses due to replacement of end of life, changes in legislation or product specification are in the rental rate taken into account.

30 years of experience, that shows!

If you lease your temperature chamber, climate chamber or any other reefer with us you can expect the best. Within our 30 years of experience we focussed on service and maximum efficiency when it comes to delivering at the right place on the right time. Everything for your convenience!

Please feel free to contact us and discover the possibilities.