Back Reftrade has started a partnership with Blue Solutions

In an objective of continuous growth, Reftrade has started a partnership with Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bolloré group. Blue Solutions that integrates for the first time its LMP batteries (Lithium Metal Polymer) in the vehicle of another car manufacturer, relies on Reftrade equipment for the temperature controlled storage of its batteries. In fact, PSA choses to move forward with Blue Solutions for the provision of LMP batteries, already equipped in the completely new Citroën E-Mehari.

Reftrade has installed an assembly of two refrigerated containers, 40MS2 Maxi Specials, on the Blue Solutions site at Quimper, FRANCE, which has equipment such as door contacts, to stop the machinery when a person works in the cold, but also an emergency door, man-trap alarm, GSM-network temperature alarm, and noise reduction boxes to reduce the noise below 40 dB @ 10 meters.

In addition to this assembly, Reftrade has set up a monitoring system for the team of Blue Solutions to connect remotely to the machinery to perform temperature controls, changing the temperature or launch remote defrost cycles. This system can notify the team members in case of faults or abnormal temperature differences on the machinery, by both e-mail and SMS. Alarms that are sent indicate the failure code, allowing Reftrade teams to intervene in the shortest possible time with the required parts.

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