All Inclusive

All Inclusive

Emergency 24/24 – 7/7

In the event of a problem with a container, we provide a 24/7 Emergency Service - 0031 10 4297155. We will respond immediately. All our mechanics are STEK-certified

100%  Safety

The access doors of the (Maxi-) Special refrigerated containers and the (Super-/Maxi) Volume units are fitted with a safety release button enabling to open the doors from inside at all times. The Basics containers are not equipped with such a feature.


Whether your container needs to be loaded at a supplier and transported back to the terminal, or to a different destination of your choice, Reftrade work with a network of transporters and shipping companies to arrange this for you.

Chill or Freeze

Our standard machines have a wide temperature range from -25 degrees Celsius to +25 degrees Celsius. On request, we can also supply colling machines that have a temperature range of - 60 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius.

Plug & Play

Our containers are delivered to plug & play for ease installation. We can also set the desired temperature before containers leaves our depot. Step by step user guides are available to ensure safe practices and temperature changes for example.


All our containers (except the basics) meet the HACCP requirements. This implies a flat floor, internal lightening, chill curtains and a man trap alarm. HACCP units and cleaned with food safe hygine disinfectant before leaving our depot.


As an option we can offer our clients a Telesurveillance package. This will equip the container with a temperature alarm which is communicated to the user via SMS / email notification. Furthermore, this package contains a datalog function, which you can follow in realtime and easily export to an excel spreadsheet.